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Michael Lance

Michael Lance began performing on stage at a very young age. His mother, father and grandmother were all entertainers through music and television. Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, he attended Doane College and studied with his mentor, Larry Monson, a choral and vocal specialist. Michael joined Metro Vocal Group in 1998 where they performed on cruise ships traveling to over 50 countries on 5 different continents. In 2002 Metro Vocal Group went on to sing at Tokyo Disney Resorts and eventually moved to Hong Kong where they continue to perform and tour throughout Asia.


Michael teaches singers of all ages and has a wealth of knowledge from being a professional performer for so many years. Michael's amazing voice can be heard on the airwaves of RTHK Radio 3 as host of the show, "Good Ol' Country" and is a well sought after music producer. Michael also can be seen at various schools and universities teaching techniques for singing and vocal percussion.

Michael teaches voice and vocal percussion/beatbox with students of various ages. 
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